A peek into our school days

I thought I would give you a glimpse of a typical day in our homeschool.

I wake up a little late today, no thanks to the wind storm we had come through last night, so 8:30 am it is.  I have learned to embrace the fact that I am not a morning person and roll with it.  I fix a cup of coffee, let the dog out, check my texts and emails, and open all the blinds in the house. 

Jack is up at 9:00 am.  I tell him I am going to do our read aloud while he eats breakfast.  We read two chapters in Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH,  a chapter of Story of the World volume 4, a chapter in String Straightedge and Shadow, and part of a chapter  in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.  He is done with breakfast and has moved on to a perler bead project a sling ring from Dr. Strange, and we have been reading for an hour so we move on.

I get on the treadmill and he starts his math work.   He chose a lesson on geometry since we read about Thales earlier.  When he is done with math, he moves on to grammar.  He starts working on completing his genetics homework that is due tomorrow.  He is taking an online genetics course this semester and we love it, but he lost some motivation on the course when we took a week long vacation a few weeks ago. Note to self to think of that when scheduling next time.

While he is working on that at our family computer, I work on taping off the trim in my kitchen, the computer is in the adjoining room so I was able to help him when needed. I recently finished painting our cabinets and it is time to finish with the walls and trims.  While I was doing this my 19 year old daughter came over.  She helped Jack with his work when needed while I finished taping off and showered.

Jack was finished by the time I was out and ready for the day.  We all piled in the car to go pick up my 22 year old daughter who wanted to go to the thrift store.  We all had fun looking at the great stuff at the thrift store.  We all brought home books of course.

We dropped my oldest daughter off at her apartment so she could head to work.  The rest of us came home and had lunch.  Jack practiced cello, hubby and I talked, and my daughter called her grandpa to ask about a project she is helping him on.  When he finished cello Jack started working on his chores.  My daughter wanted us to go for a hike to collect cattail for a weaving project. She also had invited grandpa so when Jack was finished with his chores we headed out for a nice hike. 

Jack brought his native flute on our hike, it gave us a nice background music.  Alex found her cattail, we looked at some stuff my father in law had in his truck from his latest trip.

When we got home Jack worked on submitting his genetics homework and getting ready for his karate class. While he worked on that I trimmed out the edges of the kitchen in paint.

Karate is two hours long so hubby and I often use that time to connect.  Tonight we went to eat, then to hardware store to price out some supplies for a few projects. Jack worked on earning a new stripe for his orange belt. 

After karate we watched an episode of The Kindness Diaries and then it was time for Jack to get ready for bed.

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