What summer learning looks like this year

As some of you know we do year round learning in our house.  In the past we have just kept going with our normal schedule but this year we are doing things a bit different.  As Jack has gotten older, our school has changed over time and we are finally settling into something that is uniquely ours.  Recently I also went back to school which has changed up our house and schedule some, all in good ways.

Here is what our summer learning is looking like so far:

Doing school together.   He works while I work.  He is taking an online Viking history class right now, keeping up with math and reading.  He is also working through my geology class with me.

Working on getting through some of the books that we didn’t make it to over the school year.   Last week he read Wonder- he decided it’s one of his favorites.   He is working through Tom Sawyer and The Diary of Anne Frank.

We have also been hitting the library for some extra reading and activity books.

Another fun addition has been Dungeons and Dragons.  Jack has been attending some game sessions with a friend and he is hooked.  I am loving all the reading, writing and planning going into this fun, new hobby.

Another fun addition this summer is cooking! The whole family has been taking turns cooking dinner to give me a break with my new schedule and we are loving this new arrangement.

And we have been doing lots of outdoor activities biking, hiking, swimming, pickleball, backpacking, etc.

That’s what we have been up to, what about you? Do you do school over the summer?  More relaxed learning? Or do you take the summer off?

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