First day

Today Jack started 7th grade! What?! I’m still in shock that my youngest is in 7th grade and will be 13 in a few short months.  Today also marks the first day of my 20th year homeschooling! That is counting the preschool we did at home with my oldest. But still. That is a long time!

Usually at the beginning of a year, I post all the elaborate plans I spent weeks during the spring and summer putting together and all the curriculum we will be using. Not this year. This year we are us-schooling. All that deep planning has not been working well for us the past couple of years.  We have both sort of outgrown it.  And can I let you in on something?  Today was our best first day yet. Jack even said, “Hey doing school is actually fun.”

Right?!?  Something is working.

Here is a taste of our day:

He woke up and immediately started reading Hamilton : The Revolution

He is slightly obsessed with Hamilton right now.

At breakfast he continued his reading of Tales from the Secret Annex and worked on math.

After that we played Build Me, an architecture game. He loved that. You take turns drawing and using cards to build a 16 story building, but you can also attack the other player.

He wanted to stick with architecture, so he used this Arckit Angle Building Kit while I read to him from The Future Architect’s Handbook.

When he had finished with architecture for a bit we worked on our Arrow work for the day.  We are using the subscription for the new issues this year and are doing parties with our homeschool group each month.  Today we started The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket.  My oldest daughter swears that the Series of Unfortunate Events books are what gave her a good vocabulary.

Afterwards,  he went back to working on architecture while I went to a doctor appointment. This time he was using the Future Architect’s Tool Box and working on drawing up his own floor plan.  He really enjoyed that and later in the day got some foam board to work on making a model of the plan he drew up.


He also listened to Martin the Warrior while working on his floor plan.

After that it was time for errands, cello and chores.

I think it was a great start to our year.  It was relaxed and fun!  We will work on adding science in, still waiting on a book for that. He also has some classes in the community and online which we have not started yet.

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