7th grade curriculum choices

Or at least what we are using right now. 😛 All of this is subject to change. Well most of it. I am kind of a stickler on math and Bravewriter.

Math- Saxon 8/7.  I am a Saxon believer.  Jack is college bound and wants to major in math and science so a good thorough math program is a must.  I have 3 older children who did Saxon and when they hit upper level maths they were well prepared.  We supplement this with Nicole the Math Lady’s website- it has been a lifesaver for me and math is fun now.

Anything Bravewriter. Not kidding. We are using The Writer’s Jungle, Faltering Ownership, and The Arrow.  We even talked our homeschool group into doing book club via the Arrow issues for this year. Jack will also be taking one class per semester through the Bravewriter online classes.

I had history ready to go, but then he discovered Hamilton.  He is reading books, listening, memorizing and narrating aka rapping.

After Hamilton has run it’s course we will be hitting 20th century history using Story of the World and delving deeper with projects, books, and movies. Hopefully we will get through modern history this year, but if not I’m not worried because there is so much to cover and I want to be able to follow any rabbit trails.

We are following along with Not Before 7’s geography plans. We have also talked our homeschool group into doing it with us and having group parties. Here are a few of the books we are using.

Jack wants to learn about architecture this year, specifically design and drafting. Here are some of the resources I have pulled together for that.

Last year we started on the & Habits of Highly Effective Teens.  We will be continuing with character growth with some of these books.  Also the Big Life Journal.

What no science?  We took forever on deciding what science would be this year.  We will be doing Elemental Science’s Chemistry for the Logic stage with a side of MEL Chemistry for fun.

And then we have all the extras:

  • karate
  • cello
  • pottery
  • food bank
  • primitive skills
  • Japanese
  • coding

And I think that is all. Phew.

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