Planners and record keeping

As some of you know I have been a die hard bullet journal fan for years. In fact I had a primitive bullet journal before they were even a thing. A friend recently asked how I tracked or planned our homeschooling with a bullet journal, and I thought I would share what we have done through the years here.

This picture is one of my first versions.  I had a habit tracker at the top that I used like an attendance tracker. In one of the boxes underneath I would write what themes or subject matter I wanted to be sure and cover during the week and cross those out as they happened.

This is the same type of spread, but how it looked when my older daughter came back home at the beginning of her junior year.

Another version I used was just keeping track of what we learned each day off to the side in my weekly spread.  For more than one child you could use more than one color.

I sometimes used a habit tracker to see how often we were hitting certain subjects.  That is what I love about the habit tracker concept, with one glance I can see what subjects we need to try and add in more.

In my most recent bullet journal I just had a blank two page spread after my weekly layout where I would list what we did each day and any other notes.

This year, I am using the Funschooling planner. I love this planner and have used it in the past when I used to schedule out my entire year.  I don’t do that anymore, but I find that this layout is versatile for whatever type of homeschooling season we are in. You can find it on Etsy.

Here is the other half of that week’s spread.


For myself I am using a Happy Planner right now.  I switched to that when I was doing college classes over the summer because it was already laid out for me and took a lot less work setting up.

What is your favorite planner or record keeping method?


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