An day in our homeschool

Our day…

Zac(my hubby) and Jack went for a bike ride this morning while I prepared for the day aka coffee and email. 🙂 

When they got back Jack and I ate breakfast while watching CNN 10.  We are really enjoying this little news show and it is sparking lots of big, juicy conversations.  I had set out my calligraphy tools last night and started practicing while we were watching the news.  Jack asked if he could do some calligraphy and I passed him the pen and book.  

While he did calligraphy I started working on math.  Zac and I watched Gifted the other night and they mentioned the Trachtenberg math system in it. Before the movie was over I was googling it and started teaching myself over the weekend.  And I love it!!! Jack started eavesdropping on the math videos and asked if he could try and do some for math today instead of his usual math program. He finished the calligraphy he was working on and we worked on math for a bit. 

Afterwords he did some work on a Chemistry lesson. While he was working on the sketch work for that I started reading aloud from some of our geography books about South America. Since we will be gone for part of September and our geography party is the week we get back I wanted to get started on it.  We read about the continent and then read specific parts about Brazil and Peru.  We talked about Pele and he wanted to show me a video. He also told me about Capoeira and showed me a video of that. Which brought up a conversation about slaves and abolition. We also talked about project ideas for the party and food.  

Then we discussed the remaining Big, Juicy questions from the Arrow. 

While he ate lunch he read two chapters from Alexander Hamilton’s biography and then told me what the two chapters were about. 

Then it was project time.  He wanted to work on origami.  The big discovery today was that ironing some of the folds made for better flying or spinning.  While doing origami he listened to the Hamilton soundtrack and we talked about some of the founding fathers, Hamilton’s wife and family.  He also showed me the Hobbes and Me videos.   We also discovered that the phrase “en loco parentis” is also in Hamilton! That was a fun discovery. 

We had to take kitty in for more shots. He passed time until his cello lesson with more origami while watching another episode of Unfortunate Events. 

After cello we had to run to the grocery store.  While driving we passed a lava field and he told me about a  study he learned about during a genetics class last year  that studied the difference between mice that lived in the desert and those that lived in the lava flows and the genetic adaptations ech had to survive.

Later that night we had our homeschool group’s annual not-back-to-school party at the city pool.

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