A new year

Jack and I started back to homeschool today.  We were both looking forward to getting back to our routine and this gives us a week before our outside classes start to get into a groove.

One thing we have both missed this year is our nature hikes.  During the fall we were just too busy to make it happen.  I am hoping we can make it a regular thing now that some of our classes have ended.

He has been reading books about tracking which has made our hikes a little more fun.  He looks for and follows tracks and then tries to figure out the story behind them.  Why did the roadrunner stop there?  Did he see something?  Did he peck at that hole?

Every time we are on this trail he checks out this hole, hoping to find the owner.  Now he has one more tool in his tool belt and was looking for tracks or other signs.

And we can always find a little love everywhere we go.

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