What we’re reading

I’ve been trying to get back into the reading groove.  I figure one way to do it is to post our books to help keep me accountable.

My books:

The Soul of Discipline by Kim John Payne. I’ve read it years ago but needed a refresher before my next Simplicity Parenting course starts in a few weeks.  I love this book and it’s insights so I am happy to read it again and brush up on these techniques.

Braiding Sweetgrass  by Robin Wall Kimmerer. I love this book. It’s like going home. The writing style drew me in and hooked me.  This one is going slower because I want to savor the stories and sit with them before moving on.

A Gracious Space Winter By Julie Bogart.  It’s Julie, what more do you need to know?  This stays by my bed so I can grab it and get a chapter or two in after a long day.  I go to bed feeling better and more relaxed before the next school day.


Jack’s latest books:

Finn Family Moomintroll– Our latest book club read.

Molecules–  Chemistry has been getting more attention around our house and this Molecule book has been a perfect addition.

True Stories of The First World War.  This is for our latest history study.  This book has helped bring it to life and make it more interesting.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Harry Potter, do you need another reason?

The Five Ages of the Universe.  This came to Jack’s attention through a Crash Course video.


What are you reading?

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